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Natalie Gayle Miniatures

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This site is dedicated to my love of miniatures and dolls houses.  It is a hobby I started about 8 or so years ago after a conversation in a pub where I said I had never had a dolls house as a child. I mentioned I could probably make one though, the response was I bet you can't, and as my friends and family know, you should never tell me I can't do something.  So started a love of all things mini which I would like to share with you on the following pages.

Throughout this endearing hobby I have always had one rule, I never buy anything I think I can make myself.  Having always been particularly arty and crafty.  I relish my next project and am always surprising myself by the things I make.  Inevitably though I always have more than one thing on the go, and books of ideas and sketches. Of course I get lots of inspiration from the many mini sites on the net (see my links page for my favourites) and the mini fairs I go to, but as any miniaturist knows it also takes perspiration to produce something worthy of a place in our houses.
I hope you will enjoy the following pages.


This is a jack in the box I made for my dolls house toy shop

If you have any questions regarding any of the projects on my site or any questions about dolls houses or miniatures in general please feel free to contact me.  I may be able to steer you towards that elusive miniature for your house, help you with instructions to make it yourself or even help you on the road to beginning a new hobby. 

Please get in touch and let me know what you think of this site. Also feel free to contribute to this site with your own tips. email: ngminis@aol.com