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My Favourite Sites

This page includes links to my favourite sites, I have tried to organise them in order of their particular area.
I intend to add more as I am recommended them or find them.  If you notice any broken links, please let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

Dolls House & Miniatures Publications

Dolls House Miniature Scene/Dolls House Projects

The Dolls House Magazine




Dollshouse Miniature printables

wallpaper printies

Free Victorian printables

DIY Project Pages

Mission Furniture Project

Mishelly's Zoo - some unusual mini projects

Jean Day Miniatures

Hat Making Tutorials

small stuff

Butterfly Dreams

mini wizz

Kim's project page

Making flowers and books

Stellos Mini's - Modern minis great office chair project

Mini 3D building templates to print and make

My Small Obsession - Mini projects and tutorials page

Polymer Clay

The Polymer Clay Pit

polymer clay central

Angie Scarr

Personal Sites

Wanna in El Paso

Carol Craft

lindas miniaturhaus


Yuki's world

General Sites

miniatures at

Add your content here

Amazing pictures of a sweet shop