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The dresser was a cheap one I bought at miniatura I painted it white, then green then sanded back the edges so it looked slightly worn in places.  I removed the handles and replaced them with ones made from beads. I made all of the books on it myself.  The voodoo doll is made from a bead and wire and dressed in a piece of scrap material.  The owl on top is a metal miniature I painted myself.  The fat candles are cheap wax crayons cut to size with a wick of cotton stuck in the top, they have symbols painted on them in acrylics. The cauldron is the ball from a deoderant, it has the top third removed and painted in black enamel with three legs made from kebab stick.  The cup and aladdins lamp are metal miniatures painted in metallic paints.  The egg timer was bought from tee pee crafts and the scales are a silver charm I bought on holiday.  The large bottles of potions were bought and labels added myself.  The small ones are made from beads with homemade labels. I made the elephants foot umbrella stand myself as were the brooms, fishing net and umbrella. The crystal ball is a marble on a fimo base.


This picture shows the spell book and accessories.  The pestle and  mortar were made from fimo.  The ink pot is a bead with a quill made from a tiny feather. The potions bottles are made from beads with my own labels attached.  The map is one I found on Jims Printies site  It has been distressed using tea and crumpling.  The wand is a twig with a fimo handle.  Th spell book is made of tea soaked paper with spells which I wrote myself stuck into the pages.  It is bound in a piece of leather from an old purse.
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This picture shows the fireplace which looks like it is glowing as it had some hidden red led's under the logs.  I made the pie myself using salt dough and a bottle cap.  I made the shelving unit on the right myself from lollipop sticks and filled it with potions bottles I made myself using pony beads with a sequin lid and a small bead for a handle.  They all have different ingredients on labels which I made myself too.  I made the dreamcatcher myself and the gooey cauldron was a swap item I recieved from Dolly Kay on the minis4all site.

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